After the first week

One week ago, I opened this blog and wrote my first blog post. I have done a lot of reading and investigation. I have read a part to classic book on the topic: ‘The 4 hour work week’ from Thimoty Ferris.


I never read it before and I already had it from 2011 on my bookshelf. I discovered it by coincidence when I was setting up the WordPress blog and writing the first post. I have read a big part now. I can recommend it to everyone to read it and get into the right mindset. The book is originally released in 2006 (!) but it still contains a lot of valuable information if you are new in pursuing your dream of having a passive income / online business.


One of the main advises is to outsource as much as possible. Today, in 2017, this becomes even more within reach of the beginning entrepreneur with sites like where you can get thinks done from prices starting at $5,-.

Examples in what you can outsource on are

  • setting up your wordpress site
  • designing your website
  • designing logo’s
  • improving the speed of your site for higher rankings in Google
  • Etc.

I already setup a blog before. In my previous blog I did everything myself. I had (and have) a fulltime job and still tried to everything myself. My main advise for you is, if you have some money, please start with outsourcing as soon as possible. This will safe you time, you will get things done more quickly and the quality will be probably better.

System of passive income

Getting a passive income is about getting a system up and running for you. You should be owning the system instead of the system owning you and taking all your time. You should be working ON your business instead of IN your business. That was the main reason for selecting my first training.

Online training how to publish ebook on kindle

Last week I bought an online training. The subject was totally new for me. About publishing an ebook on / kindle. My first thought was, but I do not have time to write a book. And all similar thoughts, like I cannot write, it will very hard to get a book published on and it will not sell anyway because there is too much competition.

The seller has a very selling squeeze page to sell his product. For me it at first glance it was a bit to pushy,  but I decided to ignore it and go for it. The main reason for going for it was during the squeeze page. He convinced at least me you can outsource the whole process. From book cover, to actually writing the book for you.

Good first impression

After starting on the training I was positively surprised. It contains very clear and structural step by step approach. You have training videos and you can download the PDF documents with the text from the videos. It contains 21 lessons and some bonuses. I did the first 5 lessons and both my book cover as my first ebook are being produced as I write this. I expect to receive the first versions of both before the end of the working week. I am very curious about the quality.

Amazon promotion

The hard part is getting your ebook sold and the training covers this a lot. The first part of the training is also choosing the right niche, book size, price and analysing the competition. The biggest part will be regarding the amazon promotion and getting your ebook in the high positions.

The results

Like promised last week, I will inform you guys about the results. Good or bad I will share it. And if the results of this training are satisfying to me I will share the (affiliate) link to the training also.

Until know I am positive and happy following and implementing the training. In the next post I will share what I did so far and how I did it. I will decide if the training was worth it, after the book is published at least one month on kindle. The writer of the training tries to get the costs of the book back in the first month and then enjoying a passive income the whole lifetime of the ebook.

Are you still reading? This means you are a die hard and you will succeed in reaching your goals 🙂

Hope to get you back soon.




About my search to find a stable passive income


Welcome on my blog about my search for a stable passive income. My name is Juan Born and I am 42 years old. I have been intrigued by making money online since 1995, the start of my study Information Science.

I saw the potential back ’95, but I didn’t not make a penny on the Internet until today, Sunday July 9th 2017.

Are you in a similar situation?

  • Do you have a 9 to 5 job?
  • Feeling the need to have more freedom in your work?
  • Intrigued by making money online?
  • Never started online before or had some false starts?
  • Looking for the best way to start an online side business besides your current day job?
  • Not wanting to be depended on trading hours for money until your retirement?

Well, to be honest, who doesn’t want to make 5 or 6 (or 7) figure income a passive way?

Then you are in the right place. This blog will save you a lot of precious time and money in your search for gaining a passive income.

There are 1000s of online trainings and books about passive income. Some are probably outdated and not applicable anymore, others promise you shortcuts to heaven for a premium price.

In this blog I will share what I learn and give my personal and experience, regarding these books, e-books and online courses. You will get tons of free information and tips. And you will know which books and online courses about passive income will deliver value for your time and your money and which books and training you can better skip.

My personal drive.

In my current job giving training to my clients and colleagues is the most satisfying. Lately I am reading a lot regarding passive income. But reading about passive income is not enough. For me it’s finally time to take action.

Last Friday i decided to combine the giving training and learning about gaining a passive income and start a blog about passive income.

This blog will force me to take notes, form an opinion, and … most important .. take action. I will take the action advised in those books and online trainings and share the results. Some actions will probably cost me some weekends and will not give the expected results. Others will cost me less time and work better. These experience I am going to share in this blog and to the readers on the Email list. This will help you avoid the same mistakes and get to the your goal faster.

Every book, e-book, and online training has an important message in common. Starting is the most important, using the right resources and add some initial (hard) work, making personal mistakes but keep on trying and searching for your own niche, will get you there.

This is my start. I hope can help and train as much people about getting a passive income and fulfilling their dreams.

Great you are still reading. This means I will not give up easy and rises your chances of succeeding big time 🙂

Thanks a lot and talk to you soon.

Juan Born

BTW: Having an Email list on your blog is very important. If you want to make your and my dream having a passive income come true, get on the my subscriber list. I will give away more free tips and content to the subscribers.